Best Stand-by Generators for your Home – Generac vs Briggs & Stratton Review 2022

Electricity, This is one of the things we take for granted on a daily basis. and at the same time overly rely on. The lights turn on, the refrigerator keeps things cold, the TV and cable are turn on, and the washer and dryer spin whenever we need them to.  

Even the Internet [most of the time] works consistently.

The electrical devices that run our day-to-day life activities provide us with enough convenience, pleasure, and even delight.

That’s Until they don’t. 

The short gap of power loss is only a mere discomfort which could be very annoying. You may need to reboot your computer and also reset a few clocks. But when you lose electricity for more than an hour or two or even for several hours, things may start getting really messy. And lengthy outages from hurricanes, extreme winds, earthquakes, tornadoes, or other natural calamities make matters even worse.

Here are several examples:

  • Water damage caused by a malfunctioning electric sump pump
  • Pipes that have frozen or ruptured owing to a lack of heat
  • Can’t get hot water to boil
  • Unable to cook and clean.
  • loss of productivity from work
  • Food spoilage
  • Theft risk due to malfunctioning home security systems
  • Unexpected medical costs if you get harmed while bumbling around in the dark [like I did].

The issue is that most households wait until the electricity goes off before panicking and buying a backup generator. At this time,  It’s almost too late, and some of these costs have already been sustained. 

A standby home power generator makes sense for these reasons, as well as the fact that climate change is bringing increasingly stronger storms each year. It will also keep your smart home running smoothly even if the power goes out.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive review of the Generac and Briggs and Stratton home generators, stating their differences and of course come to a conclusion on the best one for your home.

Generac vs Briggs and Stratton home generators: What to Look Out For

Before we start our Generac vs Briggs and Stratton home generators review, it is important to note what to look out for before buying a home generator. So here are a few features to look out for:

  • Voltage – most generators will run on 110 or 120-volt power. 
  • Horsepower – the more horsepower, the more wattage it can provide. 
  • Noise level– A quiet generator will only make about 50 decibels of noise, which is the same as normal conversation. A loud one, maybe 100-110 decibels.


Comparison Between Generac vs Briggs & Stratton Generator.

In this Generac vs Briggs and Stratton review, We’ll compare both brands of generators on maintenance, fuel type, rate of fuel consumption, after-sale support, diagnostic test, remote monitoring, warranty, variety, noise level, availability of parts, prices, and durability.

1. Fuel Type

It’s critical to pay attention to the type of fuel your generator uses. Generators are often powered by gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas.

Because diesel and gasoline emit too many hazardous pollutants, we choose the last two. They are the least environmentally friendly fuels. Furthermore, gasoline is far too volatile. It burns quickly.

Thankfully, both models offer gasoline, diesel, and propane and natural gas generators. So it’s a matter of personal preference. As a result, there is no obvious winner in this category.

2. Maintenance

Another key element to consider when purchasing a generator is the ease of maintenance. You’re in luck since both brands of generators are quite reliable.

They are robust and long-lasting. Their components are also readily available. Most significantly, they are covered by a guarantee. As a result, none of the brands can be crowned as the easiest to maintain. It’s a tie.

3. Noise Level

The most difficult aspect about generators is their deafening loudness. When you use them at a camp, it’s OK since you can put them far away and you’re likely the only one there. In a residential neighborhood, things are different. You don’t want a generator that will cause problems in your area.
Furthermore, many homeowners’ organizations have a noise level that is acceptable. As a result, you must select a low-noise generator. You are good with either Generac or Briggs & Stratton generators. Their levels of noise are relatively modest.

We also don’t know which generator brands produce less noise. As a result, we’ll give it to them both. Another tie has been formed.

4. Prices

Always search for the greatest quality at the lowest feasible price when purchasing anything. As a result, pricing appears to be the most crucial element in influencing your purchase decision. Whatever your preferences are, you will not spend more than you can afford.

Both brands provide a variety of generator types at various pricing. However, when we classified them based on their power output, we discovered that Generac generators are more expensive in each category than Briggs and Stratton generators. So, Briggs and Stratton will get this. Its costs are more affordable.

5. Rate of Fuel Consumption

Generators, like automobiles, run on gasoline and shut down when the fuel runs out. Fuel is burned every time your generator is turned on. While some generators are more frugal, some will use your fuel more quickly. You’ll need a generator that consumes less gasoline.

Despite the fact that the higher the load on your generator, the more fuel it consumes, certain generators burn more gasoline than others. Generac and Briggs & Stratton generators consume almost the same amount of fuel. Because none outperforms the other, we’ll label this a draw.

6. Remote Monitoring

The ability to remotely monitor Generac generators is a capability that not all generators offer. Generac’s generators have a mobile app. You’ll be able to monitor the functioning of your Generac generator from anywhere you are once you download and install the app on your phone.
The battery status and generator performance may both be monitored. Generac has an advantage over Briggs and Stratton in this area because the latter lacks the functionality. Generac is the obvious victor in this category.

7. Variety

We counted the number of generator models available from both brands. We also discovered that Generac offers more models than Briggs & Stratton.

Variety, we feel, is essential. It provides purchasers with more alternatives. Generac wins this round again since it has more models than Briggs. Generac is gaining ground in the comparisons.

8. Warranty

Purchasing a generator is a significant financial commitment because generators are not inexpensive. It is essential that your generator has a guarantee. Regrettably, not every generator is covered by a guarantee. The good news is that both of the brands under consideration provide warranties.

While Generac generators have a restricted 10-year guarantee, Briggs & Stratton generators have a 2- to 5-year warranty. In this category, the winner has emerged.

A ten-year warranty is preferable to a five-year warranty. Generac is the clear winner here. Always read the warranty terms and conditions, as we always recommend. You will be guided by it.

9. After-Sale Support

This metric is used to determine which of the two brands is more customer-focused. If you have a question or a problem with your generator, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer to receive an answer to your question or a solution to your problem.

As a result, you require a brand that will answer to you swiftly and effectively. When we phoned each of the brands independently, they both answered the phone on the first try. In both situations, the person on the other end of the line took the time to thoroughly address our questions. That’s admirable.

We sent each of them an email around the same time this time. We received responses from each of them the next day, which isn’t really spectacular. As a result, we can’t claim which has superior after-sales assistance. On this, we’ll call a tie.

10. Availability of Parts

Some of the parts of your generator will wear out and fail as you use it. As a result, some parts will need to be replaced on a regular basis. That is why you want a generator with easily available components. Being advised to wait for a crucial item to be sent into your city might be a nightmare.

Thankfully, parts for Generac and Briggs & Stratton generators are readily available. Generac, on the other hand, has a greater distribution of generator wholesalers than Briggs & Stratton and numerous other manufacturers. Generac has an advantage over Briggs and Stratton in terms of parts availability.

Top Models from Generac and Briggs and Stratton

Generac 16kW Standby Generator


  • The G-Force engine from Generac is a purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engine that can withstand the rigors of generator operation, resulting in more dependable output and fewer routine maintenance.
  • The ability to check the status of this generator from anywhere through computer, smartphone, or tablet is simple and handy.
  • It has a tough finish with RhinoCoat protection that can withstand the worst weather conditions.
  • The Evolution Controller from Generac has an inbuilt LCD display that displays battery and maintenance information in different languages.
  • Customer help is accessible around the clock.


  • It is a large equipment that should only be installed by experts.
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Generac 22KW Home Standby Generator


  • It’s one of the most powerful air-cooled backup generators currently available.
  • This model has the lowest cost per kilowatt of any model in its class.
  • The G-Force engine from Generac is powerful and reliable, with minimum maintenance needs.
  • It has a long-lasting finish with RhinoCoat protection that can withstand the worst weather conditions.
  • Many alternative solutions are noisier and use more fuel than this backup home generator.
  • True Power Technology provides less than 5% harmonic distortion for smooth appliance performance.
  • The ability to check the status of this generator from anywhere through computer, smartphone, or tablet is simple and handy.
  • The Evolution Controller from Generac has an inbuilt LCD display that displays battery and maintenance information in different languages.


  • Only the 5-year limited warranty covers this generator.
  • We looked hard for a few, but this backup generator truly lives up to the promise.

Briggs and Stratton Standby Generator with 200 AMP Transfer Switch

This may be one of Briggs and Stratton’s most popular models. This model lives up to the company’s reputation for dependability and performance. Both natural gas and propane will be used to power the device. It’s made to power sensitive electronic equipment safely and efficiently.


  • Symphony II Power Management, which is patented, allows it to manage power for high-demand appliances.
  • Sound dampening technique considerably minimises the amount of noise generated by generators.
  • The National Fire Protection Agency 37 Standard is met by this model.


  • Because this generator has a one-minute delay, outages will be more obvious at initially.
  • To keep computers or other equipment connected while the generator is starting up, separate backup batteries will be needed.

Briggs and Stratton G140 Standby Generator

This is a good option if you want an economical generator with a Briggs & Stratton branding. It’s built to offer enough power to keep all of your electronics working during a power outage. It’s a tough, long-lasting gadget made of automotive-grade Galvanneal steel with a specially designed rust-resistant finish.


  • When the lights go out, the Briggs & Stratton Intek commercial-grade strong engine will supply the power you need.
  • The rust-resistant enclosure is made of automotive-grade Galvanneal steel with a sophisticated power paint finish. This tough alternative can resist even the most extreme weather.
  • Both natural gas and liquid propane can be used with the Briggs & Stratton G140.
  • It has an automated starter to prevent power production delays.
  • Listen to your television rather than your generator. At 50% load, the noise reduction feature runs at 66.7 dB. In your house, this quiet system can be a delight to operate.


  • Warranty: 3-years/1000-hours
  • Ideal for a medium-sized residence

Choosing a Stand-by Home Generator Contractor

It’s a difficult choice, but maybe this blog post has helped you figure out which generator is best for you. Generac and Briggs & Stratton both produce excellent generators.

Generac may be a better option if you want something larger or more powerful. Briggs and Stratton can be the way to go if you need something smaller or for a different reason.

A quality, properly installed, efficiently operating stand-by home generator is critical to your comfort and cost of operation and maintenance. That’s why it is important for you to hire a state licensed stand-by generator contractor. They can do the job right, with the right parts and equipment and at the most efficient cost.

When you contact us today from our website, You will receive our A+, licensed, and insured HVAC installers Our pricing and rates are fair and made with integrity.

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