Generac Vs Honeywell Stand-by Home Generator Review

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Power interruptions are unavoidable, whether due to mild thunderstorms or natural calamities. They're possible threats that every homeowner should be aware of, and we're here to assist you. Electricity outages can be terrifying and sometimes hazardous, but they don't have to be. When the power goes out, choosing the correct standby generator can guarantee that your home has access to appliances and outside communications. Choosing a standby generator may appear to be a difficult challenge at first. There are a variety of brands available, but not all generators are made equal. In this guide, we shall dig into the differences and comparison between the Generac and Honeywell generator brands, so you’ll have an objective set of criteria for choosing one of them.

Comparison Between Honeywell and Generac Generators:

1. Fuel Consumption

They both have gasoline-powered portable generators, diesel-powered generators that are slightly larger, and heavy-duty generators that operate on propane and natural gas.

As for us, we normally encourage folks to choose natural gas or propane-fueled models. This is due to the fact that gasoline is extremely volatile, and both gasoline and diesel emit a large amount of hazardous fumes.

We discovered that Honeywell and Generac generator models both save more fuel than other brands after evaluating them. They are quite effective.

If your Honeywell or Generac generator suddenly starts consuming a lot more gasoline than normal, something is amiss with the engine. Hire someone to investigate and resolve the issue.

2. Maintenance

Easy upkeep is one attribute that sets both products apart. You can easily maintain Generac generators as long as you service them when they're due. This also applies to Honeywell generators.

Every week, their standby backup generators do a self-diagnostic test. This ensures that the generators are always in good working order. As a result, both Honeywell and Generac did admirably in this area. Their generators are simple to keep up with.

3. Warranties

Generac appears to be the winner in this category, based on our data. Honeywell's generators come with a 2- to 5-year warranty, which is excellent. Generac, on the other hand, provides more. Many of Generac's generators come with warranties of up to ten years.

Nonetheless, it is critical that you read the warranty terms and conditions carefully. You don't want to do anything that would void your generator's warranty.

When a generator is installed, connected, or serviced by unqualified persons, the guarantee on the generator is invalid. The warranty will be canceled if the manufacturer or distributor discovers out.

Another reason to review your generator's warranty conditions is to understand what it covers and what it does not. If your generator, for example, catches fire, it will not be repaired for you. Most warranties exclude coverage for fire.

Furthermore, some warranties just cover the parts and not the labor, while others cover both. Generac and Honeywell have limited warranties that only cover parts and do not cover labor.

4. Durability

The durability of both brands is another reason why we suggest them. Following extensive research, we discovered that practically all Generac and Honeywell generator types are quite tough and durable.

We chose a few models from each brand at random and interviewed some of the generator's users. The great majority of them believe the generators are long-lasting. As a result, we'll finish this section by stating that Honeywell and Generac generators are long-lasting.

5.  Availability of Parts

Nobody wants to purchase a generator that can't be repaired due to a shortage of components. You're more likely to encounter difficulties with the parts if you buy a generator from a new or unknown brand. This is another another area where Generac and Honeywell excel.

As long as the generator model is still in production, they have a number of certified distributors where you may buy components for their generators. You should be able to quickly replace any of the generators if one fails.

6. Price

In addition, both kinds of generators cost between $2,500 and $9,500. The producing capacity is what decides the pricing. The larger the number of watts it produces, the higher the price. When all other conditions are equal, a 20KW generator costs more than an 18KW generator for both manufacturers.

The generators also cost between $500 and $5,000 to install. The larger the generator, the more expensive it is to install. That's all there is to it.

We've tried some of the items and will advise you not to be put off by the pricing. Although the costs of Honeywell and Generac generators are slightly greater than those of other manufacturers, you will receive more value for your money.

7. Variety

We also attempted to compare Honeywell and Generac in terms of product diversity. Both brands have a large selection of generators. Honeywell and Generac both provide options for portable generators that can power a few electrical items.

They also provide options for you if you want a little larger generator with wheels for mobility. If you want a standby backup generator that can power your entire home, both Generac and Honeywell have what you need. Also, whichever fuel type you require, Generac and Honeywell have it.

If you need a gasoline generator, both brands have these. If you want a diesel generator, you may obtain one from any brand. Whether you like natural gas or liquid propane, like us, both brands have something to offer. As a result, they received a passing grade in terms of product diversity.

8. After-Sale Support

We contacted both Honeywell and Generac's customer service departments, and we were taken away by their openness, expertise, and professionalism.

They took the time to thoroughly answer our questions. In fact, we were able to settle our concerns on the first call. As a result, we can confidently say that both brands' after-sales service is excellent.

9. Mobile App

Another thing that we appreciate is both firms' mobile apps. You may get their mobile app from Honeywell or Generac. You may monitor your generator from anywhere after the app is installed on your phone. That's absolutely remarkable.

10. Noise Level

A low noise level is one of the most important factors for most individuals. Nobody wants to purchase a generator that will be a nuisance to their neighbors. Yes, we recognize that you may place your generator far away from the house to lessen noise.

Keep in mind that the more away the generator is, the more it will cost to install it. People choose to buy a generator that produces less noise. In this regard, Generac and Honeywell have both passed.

Their generators produce far less noise than other generator brands. The noise level of these generators varies between 45 and 72 decibels. This noise bracket is reasonable, as you will agree.


It's tough to conclude which brand of generator is superior than the other based on the features of both. So, to sum it up, they are both the greatest brands in the generator manufacturing field, and their products are highly recommended.

A quality, properly installed, efficiently operating stand-by home generator is critical to your comfort and cost of operation and maintenance. That’s why it is important for you to hire a state licensed stand-by generator contractor. They can do the job right, with the right parts and equipment and at the most efficient cost.

When you contact us today from our website, You will receive our A+, licensed, and insured HVAC installers Our pricing and rates are fair and made with integrity.

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