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AirPlus Blog

Bring Comfort Home

All you need to know about Heating, Cooling and other AirPlus Home Services that make a house your home

AirPlus Blog

Bring Comfort Home

All you need to know about Heating, Cooling and other AirPlus Home Services that make a house your home

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Saving Money with Air Conditioning Variable Speed Compressors

Saving Money with Air Conditioning Variable Speed Compressors

Does your company make a point of evaluating equipment and systems on a periodic basis to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible? One area where you can save money is in utility bills, in particular the power used to keep your building cool. Many businesses have come to see the benefits of installing air conditioning variable speed compressors to use energy less wastefully.

AirPlus installs Trane Gas Furnaces in Springfield and in home across Northern Virginia.

Heating Efficiency of a Gas Furnace vs Electric Heat

In the midst of winter, residents in Northern Virginia are fortifying themselves against the bitter cold of rain, wind and snow and hoping their heating systems will prevail. It’s times like these when homeowners wonder about the relative heating efficiency of a gas furnace compared to an electric system. Greater efficiency leads to lowered carbon emissions and a decreased utility bill, so prudent homeowners will want to compare the merits of heat vs. gas.

Stay warm all winter with AirPlus Heating & Cooling.

Heating Options for Old Homes

Are you considering buying an older home or do you already live in an older home now in Northern Virginia? High on your list of priorities should be the heating system. The professionals at AirPlus are standing by to consult with you on your heating options. We will also help you make the home more energy efficient, to save money on utility bills.

Stay comfortable all year long with AirPlus Heating & Cooling.

Heat Pump vs. Furnace

To stay warm during the harsh winter month in Northern Virginia, homeowners have a choice between getting a heat pump or a furnace. If you are unsure about which option might be best for your family, read on for information to help you make your decision. The team at AirPlus is standing by if you have any questions about furnaces and heat pumps.

AirPlus keeps Arlington homes comfortable all year long.

Heating Types for Residential Homes

You have a variety of options to keep your home in Northern Virginia nice and warm during the winter. Determining whether to get a furnace, a heat pump or a boiler is your first course of business. Keep in mind that space heaters can help you in a pinch, such as when your budget is low or you just have a temporary heating issue to solve for a houseguest staying in a drafty room.

AirPlus handles commercial HVAC in Northern Virginia.

Failure to Maintain Indoor Air Quality Poses a Health Risk to Your Employees

As the owner or manager of your facility, you’re responsible for keeping employees and customers safe and healthy. One key area where health problems can arise is in the air. If you don’t take steps to maintain indoor air quality at your organization with the help of professional HVAC technicians, you are putting employees and others at risk.

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