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Longevity in the niche, superior quality, and versatility are the hallmarks of the best air conditioner brands. But there is a rub. An excellent brand that will work fantastic in your neighbor’s home may not be the right solution for your HVAC needs. Here is what you need to know. Before Looking at the Best…

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Lennox 20 Seer HVAC Package

Spring 2020 HVAC Savings: Up To $1,600 In Rebates Or 3 months No Payment Financing On New Lennox HVAC Systems! Save Big On A New Lennox HVAC System! Spring is a great time to invest in  a new Lennox Heating & Air Conditioning System for your home.  Choose rebates up to $1,600 or financing with…

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Why Does My HVAC System Need a Spring Tune-Up? You’re a homeowner and don’t want to have to worry about anything else on your upkeep list, right? You always hear commercials and see ads for HVAC maintenance. But you’re thinking ‘why does my HVAC system need a spring tune-up?’. Having your air conditioner’s components regularly checked…

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Before the weather starts getting too hot for comfort this summer, homeowners living in the greater Northern Virginia area will want to make an appointment with heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts to set up a ductless AC system. With no ducts, operation is more efficient, you’ll save on utility bills and it’s quieter than conventional HVAC setups.

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If your business needs a more efficient solution for keeping the building, inventory and occupants cool during the blazing summer months, a mini-split air conditioning system may be your best option. Mini-split AC equipment loses far less cooling than conventional forced air ducted systems and works more efficiently. It also requires no ducts, using small tubing to deliver fresh, cold air to different zones in your building.

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Does your company make a point of evaluating equipment and systems on a periodic basis to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible? One area where you can save money is in utility bills, in particular the power used to keep your building cool. Many businesses have come to see the benefits of installing air conditioning variable speed compressors to use energy less wastefully.

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AirPlus installs and services air conditioners & heat pumps in homes in Fairfax County and throughout Nortehrn Virginia.

When it comes to installing a new air conditioning system at your home or business, bigger is not always better. It’s important to have a qualified technician evaluate the building and your cooling needs and then determine the proper size of AC equipment to install. Failure to correctly size the AC system can result in higher utility bills, excessive wear and tear on the equipment and a need to call for air conditioner service much more often.

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