Why buy a ductless HVAC system

The ductless mini-split system has grown in popularity in recent years. And for a variety of reasons! They are among the most energy-efficient and comfortable heating and cooling systems available today on the market. They are beautifully efficient and consistently provide room comfort. However, the decision to install or acquire one is quite different for…

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How does a mini-split air conditioner system work?

You’ve probably heard the terms ductless, mini-split, or mounted cooling system. So what is a ductless air conditioner system? You guessed it – no ductwork! I remember the first time I saw a ductless air conditioner, I was puzzled. “That’s the thing cooling the air in here… without a duct, How?!” Despite its popularity, many…

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What is the Most Efficient Air Conditioner In The World?

Service technician takes gauge readings on Lennox ELite Heat pump

ABC7’s Kidd O’Shea Joins Joe Allen To Find The Most Efficient Air Conditioner in the World   The Most Efficient Air Conditioner in the World Video Transcript Below: Save Money & Help Save The Environment WIth The Most Efficient Air Conditioner In The World! We are back with our good friend, Joe, from AirPlus. And…

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Do I Need Spring Maintenance On My Air Conditioner in 2022?

Spring maintenance thumbnail

Do I Need Spring Maintenance On My AC System in 2022? What Is The Importance Of Spring AC Maintenance? Spring maintenance is very important. So you’ve been running and heating all winter long. Your furnace has been chugging along now. It’s time for your air conditioner to go to work. So during our spring maintenance,…

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