Do I Need a Water Filtration System For My Well Water?

Drinking Water Resized

Do I need a water filtration system for my well water? There are many reasons to be concerned about the quality of your well water. It may have a funny taste, look cloudy, have particles floating in it, or you might be close to a gas station, factory or farm that causes you to worry…

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Is Northern Virginia Tap Water Safe?

Faucet Water Quality

ALEXANDRIA PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY ARLINGTON How contaminated is drinking water in Northern Virginia? These days more than ever, we are spending more and more of our time at home. This means that the water supply in your home is where you will get the vast majority of your water. But how do you know if…

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Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

Young child drinking from a water from a bottle

IS DRINKING BOTTLED WATER OR FILTERED WATER BETTER? Microplastics in Bottled Water vs. Tap Water Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water Tap water is known to have a lot of contaminants, but is bottled water any better for you?  Tap water is subject to more testing than bottled water, and though it often has contaminants, bottled…

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