AirPlus Provides

Top HVAC Manufacturers

Case in point is AirPlus, which is a thought leader in all things HVAC in Northern Virginia. The firm has built a name for itself by providing excellent quality air conditioner maintenance, products, and superior installations at a fair price. Technicians also offer honest HVAC repair. There are never any unwelcome surprises.

AirPlus Provides

Top HVAC Manufacturers

Case in point is AirPlus, which is a thought leader in all things HVAC in Northern Virginia. The firm has built a name for itself by providing excellent quality air conditioner maintenance, products, and superior installations at a fair price. Technicians also offer honest HVAC repair. There are never any unwelcome surprises.

How to Get the Help You Need Today for Air Con, Heating & Air, and Quality HVAC Products in Northern Virginia

Trust the HVAC best in class business that takes a complete customer-oriented approach to service. Do not mind if the representative asks to look at your utility bill to identify possible savings options. Rather than trying to upsell you, a pro might suggest AC repair, heating repair, or furnace repair services.

This is particularly the case if you have a newer system. If AC repair gets your heating & cooling system back online, there’s no need to invest in a new one. That said, if the air conditioner price is lower than an extensive repair of the heating & cooling system, you might need to reevaluate your options.

In this case, the expert can help you with the calculations. You see side by side what a furnace repair, heat pump repair, and air conditioner price cost. You know the furnace price and HVAC warranty that offers plenty of protections. In short, you make an informed decision when you weigh repair versus replacement of the hardware.

If you decide on HVAC installation in northern Virginia, AirPlus technicians help you select the best heating & air system or mini split system for your budget and needs. You receive good quality HVAC products that provide you with central air. Consider the standard or an extended HVAC warranty.

Should you ever need heat pump repair, HVAC service, air conditioner maintenance, heating maintenance, or secondary furnace installation, we can assist you with these tasks, too. Do not let the worry about an HVAC system price keep you from pursuing home comfort. Contact us today to learn more about your options. (Some of our low HVAC system price options may pleasantly surprise you.)

You Know the Best Air Con and Central Air Manufacturers; However, What System is Right for You?

AirPlus stands behind these manufacturers. These are names that our customers can trust. Of course, now the question to consider is what system is right for you? For example, ductless HVAC equipment can be ideal for an older home.

An outdated system may be adversely affecting cooling efficiency or indoor air quality. There is no reason to tear it out. HVAC installation in northern Virginia does not have to turn your home into a construction zone.

Instead, opt for home comfort that puts you in control of the utility bill. We trust Mitsubishi for air conditioner installation technology.

In addition to HVAC equipment, AirPlus also specializes in hot water heater installation in northern Virginia. The typical useful life of the appliance is ten to 15 years. If it has been around this time, call the team for water heating repair or replacement.

It makes sense that employees would be the ideal experts to ask about the leading HVAC manufacturers: Lennox, Trane (“Nothing's Built Like A Trane”), Carrier, and Mitsubishi Electric.

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  • Does a coil in Burke VA, need frequent cleaning; what about heating maintenance?
  • What is the heating efficiency in Springfield VA, like?
  • Most importantly, how do they hold up when compared to HVAC repair and the competition in Alexandria VA?


AirPlus is a Lennox Premiere Dealer selling, installing & repairing all Lennox HVAC products throughout Northern Virginia

In Fairfax VA, Lennox Takes Home Comfort Seriously and Supports the Smart Home Movement

Innovation is the hallmark of this manufacturer’s series of appliances. Whether you select a product from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection or favor the Elite Series, quality is a given.

Most importantly, Lennox succeeds in combining creature comfort with whisper-quiet operations. Add to this the energy efficiency component of a fyrnace installation, and you will be hard-pressed to find any good reason to eliminate this brand from your options.

However, don't just take our word for it. A good example is the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat, which automated energy savings for homeowners with busy lifestyles. These products adapt to your comings and goings as they unfold, which takes the repetitive task of programming a thermostat for typical scenarios out of the equation. It does so with the connectivity that the Smart Away™ Mode provides. Dealer HVAC service installation ensures that all components work together.

These technological advantages let the system realize when a home is empty. After all, there is no point in heating or cooling an empty house at a high furnace price. On the flip side, the system restores the settings to occupancy levels when the homeowner is on the way home. You walk into a comfortable home environment that is welcoming and cozy. Many of these systems received the HVAC best in class rating.

The company also champions a foray into allergen defense and air filter options. The iComfort S30 boosts fan speeds to clean the air with air scrubber technology in the home when overall air quality in the area suffers. It is interesting to note that you do not have to operate a smart home to take advantage of Dave Lennox Signature Collection innovations.

AirPlus is proud to be a Lennox Premiere dealer serving all of Northern Virginia & Fredericksburg.

Trane logo - HVAC Pillar Page

Trane Puts the Latest Engineering at Your Fingertips in Alexandria, VA

The brand name is synonymous with a comprehensive line of heating and cooling equipment. You have heard the saying, “Nothing's Built Like A Trane.” Moreover, the manufacturer also specializes in the single coil setup, heat pump, and similar technology.

The name is backed by a century of dedication to the consumer. Industry insiders now believe that there is one Trane air conditioning unit that gets installed every minute.

Some systems offer humidifier options. These assist people who have difficulty breathing. Most importantly, the humidifier enhances the comfort of a venue. It combines with air filtration for best results.

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Carrier is Part of Daily Life in Springfield, VA

This company believes in the concept of natural leadership that it backs up with innovative, life-changing products. It became an industry leader in phasing out ozone-depleting components in refrigeration and air conditioner installation.

This company supplies HVAC installation for the residential and commercial markets. Moreover, it supports commercial refrigeration. It is fair to say that no matter where you live and shop, a Carrier system is having an impact on you.

Heating efficiency, cooling efficiency, and indoor air quality are values that the manufacturer keeps a close eye on. It recognizes that staying competitive requires more than a good-quality installation by a dealer. Rather, it needs to feature easy-to-find air filter products for its machines, air scrubber technology, and air filtration capabilities at multiple price points.

Mitsubishi Electric logo - HVAC Pillar Page

Mitsubishi Electric Embraces Sustainability in Its Product Designs for Burke VA, Consumers

Mitsubishi makes a broad range of consumer goods. Air conditioning systems meet stringent performance standards.

The manufacturer focuses on the durability of its heat pump models, thermostat, and hot water heater as well as efficiency. To accomplish its success, the manufacturer offers room air conditioners as well as a mini split system.

Case in point is the ductless AC system that allows for single-zone setup. If you recently added a room to your home, it is the best way of regulating its temperature.

Multi-room ductless AC lets every member of the family individually control comfort. By the way, this setup also works with heat pump technology. Being comfortable in your home has never been simpler.

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